12v dc Motors

PENGUIN has been importing 12v dc electric motors and motor bogies for over 25 years.
Please note these items are available only to the trade – retailers and manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Price list available on request
Or call me to discuss your requirements - 01932 246123.

Open Frame Motors

H1024                Length 24mm, width 10mm, height 15mm
LH17                  Length 17mm, width 9.5mm, height 13mm
LH19                  Length 19mm, width 9.5mm, height 13mm
LH21                  Length 21mm, width 9.5mm, height 13m

MASHIMA ‘Can’ Motors

MHK1015D-10                  Length 15mm, width 10mm, height 12mm
MHK1020D-10                  Length 20mm, width 10mm, height 12mm
MHK1024D-10                  Length 24mm, width 10mm, height 12mm
MH1220D-10                     Length 20mm, width 12mm, height 14mm
MH1224D-10                     Length 24mm, width 12mm, height 14mm

MH1624D-10                     Length 24mm, width 13.6mm, height 15.8mm
MH1626D-10                     Length 26mm, width 13.6mm, height 15.8mm
MH1628D-10                     Length 28mm, width 13.6mm, height 15.8mm

Motor Bogies

The number in the description is the length of the wheelbase in millimetres. All are supplied in plain boxes without instructions.

WB24.5, WB26, WB28.7, WB31 All are fitted with 10.5mm DISC wheels.

WB35-12 - fitted with 12mm DISC wheels

WB31-14, WB35-14 are fitted with 14mm DISC wheels
GEARS: worm/wheel sets (2) as used in motor bogies…….